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An Anachronist - Beat Edwardian Futurist. - Noetic Wiccan Buddhist. University Autodidact. Civil Liberties Advocate... A Writer, Pain Counsellor & Consultant, Musician, Photographer, Designer. MA, MFA, PhD in Psycholinguistics. Interests/Passions, Vocations and Avocations are Many, and include Learning and Teaching, Writing, Listening/Creating Music; (Bass, Guitars, Keys, Perc, MIDI, Engineering & Production plus Instrument Design & Construction), Book, Pipe, Antique...Omni Collections; Electronics, absorbed with Learning, Particle Physics, Cosmology, Fly Fishing, Cooking and other disparate pursuits. Due to disability, retired from, but still involved with Global Travelling, Climbing: Rock, Ice, Alpine & High Altitude, Deep Sea Sailing, Sea Kayaking, Back Country & Wilderness Skiing & Backpacking, Trekking, etc. Working on a new PhD in Forensic Psych.

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